soho inspired. locally created

Kuwait-based Little Ruby's Café opened its first branch in 2010, ushering in a new concept to the restaurant scene by bringing the neighborhood dining experience back to its roots where memories are made and people's passion for food does the talking.

From gastronomic enthusiasts to comfort food addicts to folks with a sweet tooth, Little Ruby delights all food lovers with authentic modern American cuisine that mixes in a twist of international flavors to spice up the moment. Right from the start,

the idea has always been about serving delicious comfort food that warms the heart and offering the best laid-back dining experience in town that teases the senses. Praised by critics for its minimalistic plating, exciting assortment of dishes, and wholesome yet vintage ambiance.

Little Ruby meticulously draws inspiration from New York's picturesque SoHo cafes, multiethnic restaurant scene, affluent galleries, and charming cobblestone streets where the norms are redefined and the desire to think outside the box never stops.

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