The F&B market in Kuwait, being a trendy and highly competitive business, has led some brands to come and go within the same year.

The key to Ventri Group’s success however, lies under two key pillars:

Unique Customer Experience

We are keen on leveraging the potential of memorable F&B brands, where customers come back to enjoy a unique experience during every visit, and relish in being part of a culinary scene that serves comfort food with a twist. Our success is a result of a distinctive customer experience that starts from the moment they walk in and continues long after they walk out.

“A good service can save a bad meal; but a bad service cannot save a good meal.” Chef Khaled, Ventri Group

Our role doesn’t end once customers are satisfied. It rather keeps on getting bigger and more challenging, as a team of highly trained chefs and executives keep creating to better the customer’s journey every time.

Trustworthy Brand Relations

Our primary point of focus is directed towards achieving the aspirations of F&B makers and shakers seeking to redefine and outdo their expectations in both the GCC and the global market, as well as maintaining relationships with investors and stakeholders.

As a company founded on the principles of teamwork and trust, we take care of our own as they go about their successful personal and professional journey with us through their brands which we nurture and grow to fruition.

With a highly achieving team and a clear growth strategy, we are confident in delivering on our promises and in keeping our partnerships intact.

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We don’t believe in cutting corners. We believe in hard work, creativity and follow-through.

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We relentlessly create relevant, timeless, competitive, and unique concepts.

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We instill trust in our partnerships and ensure comfortable gastronomic experiences that will keep our relationships with industry pioneers, customers, and F&B brands intact.

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We are proud to be part of a generous community and collaborate with NGOs to consistently offer our support and better people’s lives through delicious food.

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We make sure to present the community with a concept we can be proud of and can stand by; from the menu and packaging to the interior design and atmosphere.